Roy D. Howell


Rawls College of Business Administration

Texas Tech University

Lubbock, Texas 79409-2101

(806) 834-1543





                2009-present            James L. Johnson Chair of Business Administration

                2002 – 2009            J. B. Hoskins Professor of Marketing

                1998 - 2001             Dean

                1997 - 1998             Interim Dean

                1993 - 1997             Coordinator, Marketing Area

                1987 - present          Professor of Marketing

                1982-1987               Associate Professor of Marketing     

                                         College of Business Administration, Texas Tech University

                                        Lubbock, TX.


                1979-1982       Assistant Professor of Business Administration and

                                        Research Assistant Professor, Survey Research Lab. (SRL)

                                        University of Illinois

                                        Urbana-Champaign, IL.


                1978-1979       Assistant Professor of Marketing and Management

                1974-1978       Instructor of Marketing and Management

                                        Southwest Missouri State University

                                        Springfield, MO.



Other Assignments:


                1993, 1994,     Professor, Consortium for International Business Studies

                1998                   Pordenone, Italy; Asolo, Italy; Ljubljana, Slovenia.


                1990, 1993      Visiting Professor

                (Spring             Institute for Market Economics

                 Terms)            Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration

                                        Bergen, Norway


                1990-1992       Visiting Professor of Marketing

                (Summers)       University of Hawaii at Manoa

                                        Honolulu, Hawaii




                                Ph.D., University of Arkansas, 1979

                                              Major Area:     Marketing

                                              Minor Areas:   Economics/Econometrics

                                                                      Quantitative Analysis


                                MBA, Eastern New Mexico University, 1974

                                BBA, Eastern New Mexico University, 1973




Outstanding Researcher Award, College of Business, Texas Tech University, 2009.


The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 1997 "Jagdish Sheth Award" for the best paper published in 1996, as selected by the Editorial Review Board of the Journal. The paper was co-authored with Anil Menon and Sundar Bharadwaj.


Elected to Texas Tech University Teaching Academy, 1999.


Golden Key National Honor Society


Beta Gamma Sigma – President, Texas Tech University chapter


Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society


Outstanding Researcher Award, College of Business Administration,

                                        Texas Tech University, 1987-88.


                                        College of Business nominee for the Barnie E. Rushing, Jr.

                                        Faculty Distinguished Research Award (University-wide),

                                        1987-1988; 1988-1989.


                                        President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Texas Tech, 1987.


                                        Faculty Recipient of Mesa Petroleum Fellowship, 1986.


                                        "Best Paper" Award, American Marketing Association Fall

                                        Educators' Conference, Research Methodology Track, 1988.


                                        "Best Paper" Award, Southwest Marketing Association, 1979.


                                        Doctoral Consortium Fellow,  American Marketing Association, 1978.


                                        Alpha Iota Delta (Honorary Society in the Decision Sciences).


                                         R.A. and Vivian Young Doctoral Fellowship,

                                        University of Arkansas, 1977-78.









                                        American Marketing Association

                                        American Statistical Association

                                        Psychometric Society





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Books and Monographs:


Howell, Roy D., James B. Wilcox, and Robert E. Wilkes, Modeling the Effects of Army Advertising, (ARI Technical Report 821).  Alexandria, VA: U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, 1988, 94 pages. (2Q262722A791)


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Published Proceedings:


Olsson, Ulf H. and Roy D. Howell, "The Performance of Maximum Likelihood and Generalized Least Squares Estimates under Model Misspecification," Academy of Marketing Science, June, 1996.


Singh, Jagdip, Roy D. Howell and Gary K. Rhoads, "A Novel Approach for Designing Marketing Surveys Using Item Information Functions," Marketing in the 1990's:  The Impact of Technology, Parasuraman, Bearden, et al., eds, American Marketing Association, August, 1990.


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Selected as "Best Paper", Research Methodology Track.


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Summers, Irv, Charles White and Roy Howell, "Metaphorically Determined Time Imagery as a Predictor of Achievement," Proceedings, Southwest Academy of Management, March 1977.








Book and

Software Reviews:


"Structural Equations Modeling in A Windows Environment:  A Review of EQS for Windows 5.0  and LISREL8 with PRELIS2 for Windows," in  Journal of Marketing Research, 33, 3, (August 1996), 377-381.


"Review of SAS/PC, SPSS-PC, and SYSTAT," in Journal of Marketing Research, 24, 1 (February 1992), 156-159


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Structural Equation Modeling with LISREL by L. A. Hayduk (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1987) in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 17 (Winter 1989), 104-105.   




Funded Research and Proposals:


Assessing the Impact of Selected Personnel Policies and Practices on the Efficiency and Effectiveness of Army Officers.  Co-investigator; Principal Investigators R. Phillips and J. Hunt.

Amount:  $758,000 (40-months).

Sponsor: U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Alexandria, VA.  1989-1992.


Structural Equations Modeling of the Effects of Army Advertising. Co-Investigator: J.B. Wilcox.

Amount:  $48,000.

Sponsor: U.S. Army Research Institute, Alexandria, VA.  1988.


"Marketing Strategy for ISDN (Integrated Systems Digital Network)."

Co-Investigators: Robert Wilkes, Danny Bellenger, J.B. Wilcox.

Amount:  $142,000.

Sponsor:  Southwestern Bell Telephone Co.  1988.



"An Assessment of the Usefulness of Eigenvector Scaling Approaches to Measuring Consumer Preferences."  Co-Investigator:  J.B. Wilcox.

Amount:  $800.

Sponsor:  COBA Research, Texas Tech University.





Editorial Review Board:


Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 1988-2001, 2007-2011.


Journal of Marketing, 1984-2000.


Journal of Marketing Research, 1991-2004.


Associate Editor, Book Review Section (Research Methodology & Software), Journal of Marketing Research, 1991-2000.


Journal of Business Research, 1981-1989.




Occasional Reviewer:


Psychometrika, 2008-present


Psychological Methods, 2008-present


Journal of Marketing Research, 1982-1990.


Journal of Consumer Research, 1987- 2006.


Multivariate Behavioral Research, 1989, 2007-present.


Journal of Retailing, 1982-1986.


Journal of Management, 1985-1989.


National Science Foundation, Economics and Behavioral Science Grant Reviewer, 1991-1996.




Track Chair, Research Methodology Track, AMA Fall Educators' National Conference, Washington, D.C., 1985.


Track Chair, "Testing and Evaluating Theories: Methods, Models, and Procedures" Track, AMA Winter Educators' Conference on "Accelerating Knowledge Development in Marketing," San Antonio, 1992.


Track Chair, Research Methodology Track, Academy of Marketing Science National  Conference, Nashville, 1994.


Track Chair, Research Methodology Track, AMA Fall Educators' National Conference, Chicago, 1997.


National Committees:


Publications Committee, Decision Science Institute, 1986-1987.

Editor Search Committee, Decision Sciences, 1987.






Decision Science Institute (formerly AIDS), 1982-1986.

American Marketing Association Fall Educators' Conference, 1982-1984, 1986-1991,1995-1998.

American Marketing Association Winter Educator's Conference, 1983, 1991.

Southwest Marketing Association, 1983-1991.

Southern Marketing Association, 1983-1989.

Research in Marketing, 1981-84.

Academy of Marketing Science, 1985-1995.



Session Chair:


American Marketing Association Winter Educators' Conference, 1992.

Southwest Marketing Association, 1984-1985.

Decision Science Institute, 1981, 1989.

American Marketing Association Fall Conference, 1982.  

Conference on Strategic Marketing and Management, 1982.

Paul Converse Awards, 1981.





AMA Theory Conference, 1982.

DSI National Conference, 1982, 1986, 1989.

AMA Fall Conference, 1981, 1982, 1986.

Conference on Strategic Marketing & Management, 1982.






Elected to Texas Tech University Teaching Academy, 1999.


President's Award for Excellence in Teaching, Texas Tech University, 1987.


Nominated for Tech Dad's Association "New Faculty Teaching Award," 1985.


Included on "Incomplete List of Instructors Rated "Excellent" by Their Students," University of Illinois, 1980, 1981.









Dissertation Committees:




J. Singh, "Modeling Consumer Responses to Negative Disconfirmation of Expectations using IRT." May, 1985.

(Winner SMA Dissertation proposal competition, 1984; 2nd place, AMS Dissertation Competition, 1985.)


P. S. Speck, "Humor in Advertising." August, 1987.


F. Jim Hadaway, "Leader Behavior and Substitutes for Leadership in Industrial Selling Performance and Satisfaction." December, 1989.


Rodger Singley, "Consumer Free Riding: Implications for Channel Design." December, 1990.


Ken Bartkus, "Organizational Control Systems and Salesforce Performance."  August, 1991.


Kelly Wason, "An Attribution Model of Consumer Complaining Behavior."  June, 1994.


Ulf Olsson, "The Behavior of ML and GLS Estimators in Misspecified Structural Equation Models," 1996.  (NLH, Oslo, Norway).


Phani Tej Adidam, "Modeling the Strategy Formation/Implementation Process:  The Role of Conflict."  1996.


Elizabeth Fafouti, “Bootstrap Methods for Structural Equation Modeling”, 1999 (co-chair).


Committee Member:


Thirty-seven Doctoral Dissertation Committees in Marketing, Information Systems, Statistics, Management, Accounting, Sociology, and Psychology. 




“Construct Complexity”, Norwegian Research School, 2009


“Longitudinal Models and Mediation”, Norwegian Research School, 2011


“Formative Measurement” NHH Faculty Seminar, 2006


"Research Methods for Brand Management" Three-day Seminar to the Norwegian Association of Advertising Agencies, Oslo, Norway and Brand Management MBA, 1996, 2006, 2007.


"Philosophy of Science, Causation, and Structural Equation Modeling"  Two-days of a five day seminar, with Karl Jöreskog and Sigurd Troye, for Scandinavian researchers. Bergen, Norway, May, 1996.


"Structural Equation Modeling of Hierarchical Customer Satisfaction Data," Patronage Theory Conference V, Baton Rouge, LA, May, 1996.


"Structural Equation Modeling:  Recent Developments"  Two-week seminar (with K. Jöreskog), Oslo, Norway, 1993.


"A Rationale for Model Evaluation," AMA 1992 Theory Conference, San Antonio, March, 1992.


"Advances in Structural Equations Modeling," 8-hour seminar presented to Business Administration, Psychology, and Economics Faculties at Norwegian Institute of Technology, Tromso, Norway and BI, Oslo, Norway, 1990.


"Behavioral Modeling in Marketing: Promises and Problems," Decision Science Institute National Conference, New Orleans, LA., 1989.


"Structural Equations Modeling:  Basics and Recent Developments," 6-hour presentation to Business Administration, Economics, and Psychology faculties, University of Texas - San Antonio, October 1989.


"Higher-Order Factor Structures in the Context of Structural Models:  Specification and Implications," Southern Marketing Association, Atlanta, Nov. 1988. (Available on Videotape from SMA).


"The Use of Latent Variable Structural Equations Modeling in Behavioral Research," 3-hour presentation to the Management Colloquium, Management Area, Texas Tech University, March, 1987.


"Management Science Models in Marketing:  Past, Present, and Future," three 2-hour presentations to the Marketing Colloquium, Texas Tech University, Spring 1987.


"Recent Advances in Covariance Structure Modeling Software: The EQS Approach and Some Problems with LISREL GLS Estimation," Southern Marketing Association, Atlanta, Nov. 1986.


"Advances in Latent Variable Structural Equation Models:  Non-Normal and Discrete Variables," 1-day presentation to the faculty of the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen, Norway, June 1986.


"The Impact of the Careless Respondent on LVSE Modeling, and a Detection Method," 4-hour presentation to the faculty and graduate students at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration, Bergen, Norway; and the Norwegian Institute for Management Research (NFD), Oslo, Norway, June 1986.


"LISREL Modeling in Marketing," Southwest Marketing Association Doctoral Colloquium, 2-hour presentation, Dallas, TX, 1986.


"Using LISREL VI in Marketing and Management Research," 4-hour presentation to the Marketing and Management Faculties, Baylor University, Spring, 1986.


"Heywood Cases and Empirical Underidentification in LVSE Models," Special Session on Problems and Developments in Structural Equation Models, American Institute for the Decision Sciences National Meeting, Las Vegas, 1985.


"Using LVSE Models in Marketing Research," 1-hour presentation, Southwest Marketing Association, San Antonio, TX., 1984.


"Seminar on Latent Variables Structural Equations Modeling," 8-hour, University-wide seminar to faculty and doctoral students, Texas Tech, April, 1984.


"Tutorial on LISREL," 2 sessions, AMA Winter Educator's Conference on "Research Methods and Causal Models in Marketing," Sarasota, FL., 1983.  (Included in AMA Videotape series).






Research Methods I :  Research design, survey research, sampling, and measurement (Doctoral).

Research Methods II (Theory Testing):  Regression, path analysis, factor analysis, and structural equation modeling using LISREL, Mplus, and PLS (Doctoral).

           Marketing Research:   Survey and Experimental research and statistical analysis                                               for marketing   decisions  (Undergraduate and MBA).

           Marketing Strategy:    Core course in developing and implementing marketing                                                  strategies    (MBA).

           Consumer Behavior:  Analysis of consumer's attitudes and decision making                                                          processes  (Undergraduate, MBA and Doctoral).

           Experimental Design:  Designing  experiments and analyzing experimental data                                                (Doctoral).






Dean, 1998 – 2001.

Interim Dean, 1997- 1998.

Coordinator, Marketing Area, 1993-1997.

Strategic Planning Committee, Vice-chair, 1995-1996.

Promotion and Tenure Committee, 1985-86.

Dean's Merit Advisory Committee, 1986-1988, 1990, 1991, 2002-2007.

       Chairman, 1987-1988, 2004-2007.

Computer Action Committee, 1983-1991.

       Chairman, 1986-1988, 1990-1991.

MBA Committee, 1984-1987.

       Chairman, 1984-85.

Graduate Programs Committee, 1986-87.

Computerization of Undergraduate Office, 1986-1988.

Marketing Area Doctoral Programs Committee, 1983-1992.





Mayor's Task Force on Community Redevelopment, 1993-1997.

    Responsible for conducting and contracting for public opinion research and analysis.


Lubbock Needs Assessment Project, 1986-1988.

    Acting Chairman, Technical Advisory Group, 1987-88.


American Red Cross, South Plains Regional Chapter.

    Board of Directors, 1986-1989.

    Vice-Chairman and Chairman-Elect, 1989.





RECENT CONSULTING (partial list):


   Fulbright & Jaworski, Austin, TX. 2005. Consulting expert for the plaintiff, Alamosa PCS

   v. Sprint Nextel.  Deceptive Advertising and Damage Assessment.


     IBM, White Plains, NY, 2002-2004. Global Market View, Integrated Worldwide Market

     Intelligence System Development.


      IzonTV, 2002-2005.  Market entry strategy.


     CardiArc, 2001-2005.  Forecasting, consumer research.


     Scott Laboratories, Inc., 1997 - 2001.  New product research and strategy.


Apotheus Laboratories, Inc., 1995-1997.  Marketing Strategy.


Brown McCaroll and Oaks Hartline (Longview) 1997-1998.  Expert for the defendant regarding damages, The Installation Station, et al. versus Metroplex Telephone Company.


Brown McCaroll and Oaks Hartline (Houston) and Stokes, et al. (Seattle) 1996.  Served as consultant for the defense in class action litigation Crowley, et al. v. Houston Cellular Telephone, et al.  Worked with Arthur Andersen Litigation Services (Seattle) in damage assessment.


Casa Ole, Inc.  1994.  Design and Implement Customer Satisfaction Survey.


T. John Ward, Houston,TX., 1992.  Expert witness for the plaintiff in a case involving seven Jiffy-Lube franchisees versus Jiffy-Lube and Pennzoil.  Assessed damages due to failure of defendant to adhere to National Advertising Media Plan in franchise agreement. 


Price, Ward, Sharp & Searcy, Attorneys, Longview, TX.  Expert witness for the plaintiff; assessment of damages, forecasting, 1990.  Sound Technologies Inc. vs B&G Equipment Company, Inc. (U.S. District Court, Eastern Texas District, Tyler Division; TY-89-53-CA).  Deposition and Testimony (6-hours) involving statistical, model-based sales forecast and lost profits for a new products. 



Arthur Andersen & Co, S.C., Litigation Services Division.  Professional Education Course Development, "Fundamentals of Data Analysis." 1992-1993.  Developed (with Dr. Dale F. Duhan) a 1-week course on the use of statistics, sampling, and regression analysis in litigation.  Developed instructional materials and taught a pilot course in St. Charles, IL.


Fishery Export Council of Norway.  Customer Image/Satisfaction Surveys and analysis regarding Norwegian Salmon in the US, Canada, France, and Australia. 1992-1994.


Norwegian Tourism Council and Norwegian Hotel Assn.  Service Quality/Customer Satisfaction surveys and analysis. 1993-1995.


Menasha, Inc., Industrial market segmentation and strategy; strategic planning, 1990-1991.


U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences, Alexandria, VA.  Consulting on data analysis.  Structural Equation Modeling, measurement, and research design issues. 1987-1990.


AT&T/Southwest Bell, 1986-1988. ISDN market analysis and program development.


John Deere, Inc., Governmental Sales Division, 1985-1986. Survey Research, strategy formulation.


Roadmaster Corporation, 1983-1987. Research design and analysis; forecasting.


Inglenook Division, Heublein, Inc., San Francisco, CA., 1982-1988.  Research design and analysis.


Wabash DATATECH, Inc., Des Plains, IL., 1979-1989. Distribution structure and marketing strategy